Wednesday, July 2, 2014

    • encourage or incite (a strong emotion or tendency).
      "his composure had the effect of stoking her anger"
    • informal
      excite or thrill.
      adjective: stoked
      "when they told me I was on the team, I was stoked!"

      STOKE? So what does it mean to You? We all use the word to describe that feeling we get when we drop in on that one great wave of a slow session, the feeling we get when we hear of a building surf report, the excitement of trying a new board? On and on I can go, but we all know what it is. However, do we all agree that Stoke is more than Surfing with a Surfboard? For the last 50+ years, the quintessential American "Surfer" had to have three things in order to call oneself a Real Surfer. 

      1. Good looking and athletic 
      2. Live in Southern California 
      3. Surfboard. 

      Well...there are plenty of folk out there that fit that bill, but there is more to it then 1-2-3. That is where I found my inspiration to create this blog. I wanted to share with everyone the Stoke I have found through more than just a surfboard and Southern California (notice I left out the Good Looking/Athletic part). Every time I walk in or out of the water with my Surfboard, I'm just another Dude with a surfboard. No one pays much attention to each other until we all start paddling. However, when I show up with one of my Paipo or Handplanes, there is a shift in the universe? What is that? Where did you get it? Is that one of those ________? Smiles and Questions from young kids to Men and Women clear through their 70's! I've had folk tell their stories about growing up and using such Surf craft, then they tell me about how it all just disappeared? Just the other day I had an older couple chat with me as I was walking in the water for an early morning session with my Hawaiian Paipo Design XL, and after answering a few of their questions...they walked away saying how I'd "Made their day.". So I thought, if I can chat for a few minutes and make someones day, by sharing something I Love? Then why not share it with everyone (YOU!)? I'm excited to post my first story soon, and I hope you will follow and help spread the Stoke!!! Stay Tuned!

      Good Vibes

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