Sunday, July 6, 2014

SPOILER ALERT: Surf Craft Exhibit Pictures for those that can't make it!

So I realized that not everyone would have the chance to visit the Mingei International Musuem, to check out the Surf Craft exhibit...So here are a few more pictures for those that can't make it!! Enjoy!

 Some very early Bob Simmons Hydrodynamic Planing Hulls...Look closely at the second board (almost center of the picture). I fell in Love with the dims and shape of the first board (from the right)

 An amazing collection of Traditional papa he'e nalu (surfboards) from Tom "Pohaku" Stone. The boards are made from Redwood, walnut, and Sequoia. The pictures do them No Justice.

Two Paipo from the John Mazza collection, the first one (from the left) is made from ulu (breadfruit) from the 19th Century. The second Paipo is an early 1930s board made from redwood.

An Awesome collection of Jon Wegener Surf craft, Unreal!!

A Beautiful collection of Carl Ekstrom ASym (asymmetrical) boards. The science and engineering put into these boards is insane! Rockers, Rails, and Tails that flow in different directions? Amazing!

Several beautiful Paipo boards from Hawaii, Japan, England, and even an island off of the coast of the continent of Africa! Stoke from all over the World!

 This Paipo was one of my Favorite in the collection. I have a Dutch Paipo at home just like it! I would've loved to grab it off of the wall and head for the beach!!! Maybe after the exhibit is over?

 Olo board from the Stone Collection- I'd Love to see the ritual and ceremony behind one of these beautiful boards coming to Life. The Hawaiian believe that the Spirit of the Tree exist within the Olo for the rest of it's existence, and that the Spirit actually inspires the shape. I agree.

 An Unknown (maker) Short Alaia from the 1920s, obviously pre Stickybumps or Sex Wax, so the deck was roughed up for traction! Another one of those "If the board could talk"...what a story!

         Bodyboards from THE FIRST Morey "Boogie Board" to hulled and planed Speed Demons!! Who wants to head to The Wedge??? I call the Silver Ekstrom!

Fin Collection and a Hot Curl Takayama...What a display huh? Beautiful!

                                                   Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Good Vibes


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