Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mingei International Museum: Surf Craft

This morning my wife and I headed over to the Mingei International Museum at Balboa Park to check out the Surf Craft Exhibit. We paid our $8 (each) admission and strolled on in. You're first greeted by two Hobie Surfboards, from the mid 50's. One of Balsa and the other an early Foam core and Resin construction. If only those boards could talk! Could you imagine the stories they could tell? As you proceed into the rest of the exhibit, you realize that it is truly dedicated to all (at least most) Surf Craft. The pieces in the collection are in amazing condition, and displayed very well. We enjoyed the fact that everything was not enclosed in a case or roped off, allowing you to see small details in the board designs, signatures, and even notes from the riders or shapers. 

I enjoyed seeing Traditional boards from the 1900's through the 60's and 70's, then into the Modern High Performance boards of today. Starring into the worn grains of a Paipo from the 1900's, and imaging who enjoyed this little board over a 100 years ago. Who shaped it? When? Where? It is questions like that, that have inspired me to start this blog. I then found myself Awe Struck by the magnificent Olo Boards. Seriously, Awe Struck...the sheer size and weight is amazing. The idea that someone created such an awesome work of art, then paddle out off the shores of Hawaii, and would ride these glorious Beasts in? That is amazing. Once you've see one in person, you'll never see those Google images the same again. For you Science fans out there (ME!), you 'll enjoy a brief history lesson on Hydrodynamic Planing Hulls and Simmons. I had read once how a project to design faster assault craft for WWII, eventually led to many of the features we have seen over the past 60 years of Surf Craft. Who would've thought Stoke would have roots in War? 

So, How was it? We Loved it! To see the hard work and innovations from Hobie, Wegener, Takayama, Ekstrom, Greenough and Surf Craft from all over the World and over the last 100+ years!!! Definitely worth a visit! The Surf Craft exhibit is open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm through January 11, 2015. There are a few special events coming up with the Surf Craft exhibit  as well. There will be a Shaping Demonstration July 10th, with Jon Wegener at 5:30-7:00pm. July 17th there will be a "Handcraft to Industrial Craft" exhibition with Tomo Surfboards and Firewire Surfboards. Lastly, July 24th 5:30-7:00pm The History of Surfing in San Diego. So get over there and check it out! I took a ton of pictures, but I didn't want to spoil it for you!!! It's a Great way to spend a few dollars and a little more than an hour or so of your day!

Good Vibes!

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