Sunday, September 14, 2014

EVENT: The Handplane Hoedown! San Clemente State Beach

Surf Event! 
The Handplane Hoedown 
San Clemente State Beach 
Hosted by Brownfish Handplanes ( ) 

This gathering was awesome! The location is a Great idea, you will have to pay a day use fee, but there is a reward for this. The fact that it's a "controlled" beach means that the parking is there, the beach is a lot less crowded and well maintained. I'll be paying for a year permit myself just for those perks. Anyhow, we arrived around 8:30 (The Hoedown starts around 7am and goes till whenever) and made our way down the trail (below the camp ground) to the beach. Walking under the train tracks and on to the sand...we were graced with the view of 40 or more Folk getting Stoked in the waves!! Bodysurfers, Handplanes, Paipo, Surfmat, and even an Ice Cream Sammich! The waves were decent with a set of nuggets here and there that caused the crowd to start Yeeeeeoooowwww!!! out loud, bringing attention to the line-up. Folk young and old walking around, admiring each other's craft and taking them out for a ride! My wife and I set up our spot, displayed a few surf craft from my personal quiver and just took it all in. Right away I had a young kid walk up and ask if he could ride my Dutch Paipo, with a smile and a "Go for it little dude!", he grabbed it and off he went!

 It was awesome to be able to share the Stoke! Throughout the day every one of my boards got to get wet by either myself or someone else! Quit often, while getting ready to go out at my usual spot, I get a lot of people asking about what ever it is I'm about to ride that day. After explaining what it is and how you ride it, we part ways and I paddle out. Then I think to myself, should I have asked them if they'd like to take it out? Well, the Hoedown quenched that curiosity. After my boards came back in, I was able to meet some Folk and put a face to the name as we made our way around. The sun was beating down, so a dip in the drink was in order. I paddled out and met even more awesome Folk in the Line-up! We talked about each other's craft, where we reside, and everyone did an amazing job calling out Left or Right, or respecting each other's space. You don't see that everyday in the Line-up.

 After getting my fill from hours in and out of the water, we were ready to pack it up. I made one last round and introduced myself to a few more shapers, swapped info and left with a "See ya at the next one!". All in all it was an amazing day, and I look forward to next Hoedown next April! I know some folk up in NorCal are talking about putting together a Hoedown of their own! If so, I'll do my best to make it up there too! It was a pleasure to meet all of those Folk I was able to talk to, and I look forward to meeting more of you next time! Special Thanks to Ryan and Raquel of Dutch handplanes and Surfboards for the Coffee and donuts, and to Brownfish Handplanes for setting up this event and the infamous cookies!!! 

Folk getting Stoked!!! 
Westside Boards
Dutch Handplanes 
Killawava Handplanes 
Seaglass Handplanes
Flyboards Handplanes
Folk shoot'n the Stoke!

Stay Stoked Everyone!!! 
Good Vibes!


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